Tickets and Toothaches

Tickets and Toothaches

Trimet has increased fare inspectors recently and these uniformed inspectors seem to be a common site on my morning commute.

Just after boarding the Max train a couple of fare inspectors stepped into the car, they checked a number passengers for passes and then quickly exited the train.

A woman sitting across from me heaved a sigh of relief.  “That was close”, she said to no one in particular, and then shared, “I don’t have a pass”.

I warned her that the fine for riding without a pass is pretty high.

I know”, she replied.  “I’m on my way to the dentist.  I’ve got a bad toothache and I think they can pull it today”, she rubbed her jaw, “I just need to get there in time”.

I thought that dealing with the dentist was a tough enough way to start the day.  No one needs a ticket on the same day they get a tooth pulled.  I reached in my bag, found a ticket and handed it across the isle to this woman.

She smiled broadly, still holding her jaw, and said, “thank you” at least three times before tucking the ticket into her purse for the ride home.


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