Reading & Riding

One thing I enjoy about the bus is the time it affords me to read.  In those 30 minutes or so on my way to and from work I’ve finished many a novel.Every time I am on the bus I see others reading.  Just this past week in the morning on bus line 75 I saw:

  • A man in a suit reading Carpenter’s Gothic by William Gaddis
  • A day-laborer reading the daily Oregonian
  • A 20-something fellow in torn jeans and a hoodie reading Walden by Henry David Thoreau
  • A young woman, she seemed high school age, reading O. Henry’s Roads of Destiny  which you can read for free here through the Project Gutenberg
  • A few people Reading the Willamette Weekly,Portland’s free weekly paper
  • A woman on her way to the office reading The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver, which has been on my nightstand to read for more than a few months


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