Granny Had a Life

I found my seat on the bus, settling in behind an older, grey-haired woman and a young woman wearing a PSU sweatshirt.  The old woman was speaking loudly, making it easy to listen to her conversation.

“My grandson was watching something-or-other about Haight-Ashbury on the TV the other night,” the older woman stated, “I told him ‘I was there, I lived it!’ I lived in Haight-Ashbury, you know. Granny had a life”

The younger woman giggled at this.

The older woman turned to look at the younger woman and asked, “Do you know about marijuana brownies?” The younger woman giggled again and sheepishly said, “Yea, I know about them.”

“Well, that’s ok. That’s ok.  But you shouldn’t know about LSD.  You just don’t know what’s going to happen with that”, she continued, “I saw it, I was there. You know, I was working as a nurse then, and let me tell you, I saw it all”.

She paused briefly before adding, “But I had my fun too.”

Then, almost before I realized it, I had arrived at my stop.