A Lesson in Letting Go

We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.
Joseph Campbell

This morning I boarded the bus and quickly found a seat.  I was eager to begin reading an article a friend had shared with me related non-profit work.  Like many, my time is limited, and I was hoping to make use of my morning commute to read this material.

Open Book Pic

Instead, the teenagers who filled the seat behind me, talking loudly and laughing more than one should so early in the morning, made it nearly impossible for me to concentrate.

After reading the same paragraph three times I felt my frustration growing.

And that is when my “transit training” kicked in.

For me, riding the bus has become a way  to learn how to let go.  I have used my time on transit to practice being in the moment.

Letting go of expectations is a challenge for me.  I have expectations of situations, of places, of people, and when things are not as I expect I find I can become frustrated or I will try to control things.

Learning to let go of expectations and to respond to change has been one of the most valuable experiences that has come from riding the bus. To_let_go_Baloow Pic

On the bus you have to give up control of so much – the arrival and departure time, the route and the stops along the way, who you share a seat with – everything about the journey is out of your control.

So, instead of allowing frustration take over, I tucked my papers away, settled into my seat and listened to these high school students share stories and laugh. I let go of my expectations and and accepted the moment, noisy teenagers and all, for what it was

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