Give ‘em Some Space

I was a bit miffed when I noticed that two teenage boys had managed to take up five seats in the back of the bus.  Their too-long arms and legs all akimbo and their back-packs and skateboards set on the seats surrounding them.

Several people on the bus were standing.

I was tempted to say something to these fellows about making room for others. As I pondered if I should say something  I overheard a portion of their conversation.

One of the teens said to his friend, “Sure she’s hot but I like girls who you can have a philosophical conversation with”

Then, after an affirmative murmur from the friend, he went on to share,I really want to start hanging out with Stacy.  She makes me laugh. I mean, like, she’s funny, you know. We laugh.  I like that”.

And I thought that these boys might just need this bit of space right now to work out who they are.


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