Fellow Travelers

Fellow Travelers

I started this blog to share the sometimes amazing, often unusual, but generally wonderful experiences I have on public transit.

I am a big fan of public transit, not only because it is cost effective but because riding transit is a great way to connect with others.

In sharing this blog with friends and on Twitter (you can follow me @Sallyreb, where I tweet about non-transit related things too) I have connected with others who enjoy sharing transit stories.

Here are a few fellow travelers:

TriMet Diaries shares amusing, amazing, and horrifying tales gleaned by riding public transit in the in and around Portland, Oregon.  Individuals can submit their transit stories to be shared on this blog. TriMet Diaries was inspired by Muni Diaries (see below).  Find them on Twitter @TrimetDiaries

Muni Diaries  is a San Francisco based blog put together by a “ragtag group” who love to share stories, both the good and the bad,  centered around the public-transit system of San Francisco. Like TriMet Diaries, Muni Diaries invites individuals to participate in the storytelling.  Find them on Twitter @munidiaries 

The Sprocket Podcast  is the collective effort of Brock Dittus and Brandon Rhodes. Enjoy their posts and pod casts about a range of topics, including bicycles and alternative transportation, food and drink, and camping and travel, all with a focus on thinking locally with a global perspective.  They also like hearing stories from readers.

PortlandAfoot a not-for-profit project “by and for the ordinary people of Portland”,  publishes a low-cost monthly newsmagazine, “the shortest magazine you’ll ever love”,  that shares news on buses, bikes & low-car life for Portlanders.  Find them on Twitter @PortlandAfoot

And here are a few more transit related Twitter folk I enjoy following:

  • @DaveKnowsPDX is an editor at TriMet Diaries and a source of info on all things Portland
  • @mile73 is an editor at TriMet Diaries and is now sharing news from Astoria, Oregon
  • @CCTgirl is busy making the case for transit in Atlanta
  • @trimet is the transit system in Portland

Feel free to share other transit related blogs or Twitter users so we can connect.


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