It was an oddly cold summer morning, gray skies and no promise of sun.  Not wanting to completely abandon summer dress, but knowing that I had to stay warm, I chose to wear a favorite short-sleeve velour turtleneck, a top that balanced summer dress with a bit of added warmth.

I boarded the train and found a seat in front of a mother juggling multiple bags and two elementary-school aged boys, both of whom seemed to be excited about riding the train.  I opened my book and began the short trip to work.

And then, I felt it.  A gentle finger slowly stroking the back of my velour turtleneck.



And a third time

I sat quiet and still while that small hand reached out and felt the fabric of my cotton-poly blend sweater.  For me this gentle pet was a soft welcome to the day.

And then the train slowed, the mother announced, “This is our stop”, and then the family was gone.


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