Finding the Way

A chalk-drawn arrow points the way to downtown, a gift from someone before us who wished to leave a creative marker. We wait and soon a streetcar arrives to take us on our way.

It’s a warm summer evening and dinner conversation hovers on the topic of life changes, there is excitement and uncertainty about what comes next.  As the café empties and staff dim the lights we leave, making our way toward a bus stop.

Walking the city at night it is fairly easy to find our way, addresses and street signs help us to make our way toward a destination and the illuminated bus stop has posted maps at the ready.  Here, finding the way does not pose a challenge.

In quieter moments, when not seeking out the next city bus or laughing over a glass of wine, finding the way is not always so clear.  Without a road map the path can be uncertain, with no signs to offer guidance the direction to take not clear, instead each step is into the unknown.

Your path is not yet made, your destination is undetermined and all you have yet to discover still a mystery to you. Savory this uncertainty, enjoy the unexpected, each new encounter rewarding you along the way.

Moving forward you will find your way.


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