Coincidences & Connections

I often like to use my time on the bus to gather my thoughts and plan for what I need to do.  I carry a note pad and write down ideas while commuting to work.

This morning, while thinking about what to share at my next SpeakArtLoud board meeting, I jotted down the name Jill Bolte Taylor, author of My Stroke of Insight. I was thinking about possibly watching Taylor’s talk on TED as part of a future meeting.

Just after I wrote this down the bus came to a stop, the door opened and a woman boarded carrying an open copy of My Stroke of Insight.

Just like that.

I asked the woman if she were enjoying the book and then told her that I had literally just written down the author’s name.  I showed her my notes, we laughed and she sat behind me so that we could discuss the book.

We shared our fascination with the brain and the insight offered in the book on how the different hemispheres operate.  We both though meditation would do us good. I mentioned TED to her and suggested she watch Jill Bolte Taylor speak on her experience.

As I left the bus we laughed again about the coincidence and wished each other a good day.


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