Hats Off To You

It was packed on the train yesterday evening.  This is pretty common during the five o’clock hour.  People were standing in the isles and in the areas near the doors.

A young couple got on the train with a child in a stroller.  It seemed as if they had just come from shopping at the mall, the parents hands filled with bags and their young son wearing a paper hat with rabbit ears and the name of the shopping center emblazoned across the band.  The parents, juggling bags, each kept one hand on the stroller to keep it from rolling.

The young boy entertained himself by reaching up to feel the paper rabbit ears on his hat, giggling each time his hands closed around the ears.  Then, in one swift motion he knocked the hat from his head.

Without a blink, a fellow standing close by bent down, collected the hat and placed it back on the young boys head. So swift was the fellows reaction that the parents didn’t even notice.

For this simple kindness, this small but caring gesture, fellow train rider my hat is off to you


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