Must Be My Lucky Night

The driver for the bus I usually catch on my way home looks for me before he leaves the transit center.

I like this.

To catch this bus I take the train from my work to the transit center where I hop off the train, dash up then down a flight of stairs and make my way to the correct stop in this bus round-about.  Some nights, when getting off the train, I can see my bus sitting there, ready to go and I hope that it is my driver behind the wheel watching for me. It is awful to make it to the top of the stairs only to see the taillights of your bus pulling away.

“I was watching for you” he says as I get on, out of breath yet feeling very grateful.

“Thanks”, I say, “it must be my lucky night”.

We have this exchange most evenings, with him assuring me he is keeping an eye out for me and me expressing my thanks.

Last week, about mid-week, my driver told me it was his last week on this bus line.  He said he was switching to another route on Monday.  I ask what route and we talk about that line. I say I’ll look for him on his new route, that I ride that bus on occasion.

On Friday I catch the bus home as usual.  “I was watching for you” my driver says as I board.  “Yes, for the last time” I say and take my seat.

As people leave the bus many stop to say good-bye, it’s a bus full of regulars and he had been a good driver.

As we approach my stop I make my way to the front to say my goodbyes.  He holds a slip of paper out to me and says, “Here, I signed it, you do the same.  If we win you find me on the new route”.

I take the slip of paper and look at it, it’s a lottery ticket.  He’s handed me a lottery ticket.  He has signed the back.

“No”, I say, “Really? You want me to take this?” I ask.

“Yes, I signed it.  You sign it too”, he tells me.

“Look for me” he says

“I will” I promise and I leave the bus feeling very lucky.


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